Man Math: Episode 430

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Man Math: Episode 430

Apr 28, 2016
Guests: Serena Balenti, Erica Pridey, Kelly Rosati, Dr. Joseph P. Price and Danny Huerta

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A new definition of "girl power," plus economist Dr. Joe Price on where to find marriageable men, and how to handle discrimination in online dating.

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Women in Power

Being Single|Roundtable
Guests: Serena Balenti, Erica Pridey and Kelly Rosati

[20:43] - 

For the first time in history, a majority of first-world women are not necessarily dependent on or defined by the men they may eventually marry. Single women are embracing the benefits of this new-found power like never before, but what does it mean for Christian women? Are the rules different? Our panel of women brings experience and encouragement to this timely conversation.

Where the Men Are

Guests: Dr. Joseph P. Price

[22:05] - 

Single women are wondering where the men are. Are they in the next cubicle or pew? In the unemployment line? Or MIA altogether? And when they're found, do these single men meet women's expectations? Dr. Joseph Price actually researches stuff like this, and shares his much-needed insight for finding marriageable men.

Online Discrimination

Guests: Danny Huerta

[5:39] - 

How prevalent are race and ethnicity issues in online dating? Is the online profile one of the last "acceptable" realms for discrimination in today's dating market? Counselor Danny Huerta provides a wise perspective for a young man frustrated with perceived discrimination online.