Mentor Magic: Episode 441

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Mentor Magic: Episode 441

Jul 14, 2016
Guests: Diane Ingolia, Cat Snow, Jayme Hull, George Stahnke and Phil Wickham

[51:33] - 

Millennials talk mentorship, plus Jayme Hull on what she’s learned in over 30 years of mentoring, and a question about dating non-negotiables.

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Featured Musical Artist: Phil Wickham


Mentorship and Millennials

Guests: Diane Ingolia and Cat Snow

[22:46] - 

We talk a lot about the benefits of mentorship. But what does it actually look like in the life of the average Millennial? What do you need to do to find a mentor, be a mentor, and make mentorship work for you? Our panel breaks down all the how-tos.

Lessons From a Seasoned Mentor

Guests: Jayme Hull

[20:11] - 

Jayme Hull is passionate about mentoring. So passionate, that she’s intentionally in the lives of others on a regular basis, and wrote a book titled "Face to Face" to share what she’s learned. In this conversation, she’ll tell you what to look for in a mentor, how to know the “shelf life” of a mentor relationship, how to “break up” with your mentor, and much more.

Blind Love

Guests: George Stahnke

[5:16] - 

He's smitten with her, but her views on important things seem to be "off." Is his love for her enough? Can he convince her to reconsider things like faith and worldview issues? Counselor George Stahnke weighs in.

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