The Hot Wives Club: Episode 455

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The Hot Wives Club: Episode 455

Oct 20, 2016
Guests: Ashley Mazelin, Josh Rumple, Sherry Graf and Candice Watters

[49:42] - 

Getting a friend to officiate your wedding, plus Sherry Graf on emotional purity, and the awkward trend of calling wives “hot.”

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Will You Marry Us?

Guests: Ashley Mazelin and Josh Rumple

[20:44] - 

More and more Millennials are choosing their friends to officiate their weddings instead of their pastors. What’s behind this trend, and is it going to continue? Is it meaningful or problematic? Our panel dissects the implications along with the value of having friends in other aspects of your big day.

Guard Your Heart

Guests: Sherry Graf

[20:31] - 

We know the biblical value of sexual purity, but shouldn’t a commitment to purity begin before things get physical? Author and college ministry veteran Sherry Graf says yes, and she wrote her book I Don’t Get You to tackle the topic of what she calls “emotional purity.” How do we have healthy conversations, especially with the opposite sex? What does that mean for digital communication or even opposite-sex friendships? Sherry helps us understand it all in this principled conversation.

My Hot Wife

Guests: Candice Watters

[5:26] - 

You’ve probably listened to a sermon, podcast or conversation with a pastor or other church leader and heard something about his “smokin’ hot wife.” Awkward. One of our listeners is tired of it and wrote to us asking what to do. Candice Watters offers advice.

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