Take a Break and a Bite: Episode 514

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Take a Break and a Bite: Episode 514

Dec 07, 2017
Guests: Matthew Demeritt, Kathryn Eutsler, Jake Roberson, Bri McKoy and Jeff Johnston

Team results from our social media and texting break, plus the power of the table in your home, and a listener is afraid to tell a date about his past.

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Featured musical artist: Daniel Bashta

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We Broke Up With Our Phones

Guests: Matthew Demeritt, Kathryn Eutsler and Jake Roberson

Well, we did it. For a week, our panel stayed off of social media, gave up gaming, and/or took a break from texting. It felt like a year. We tell you about our awkward phone calls, hours waiting at the airport, temptations to cheat, and other anguishes and epiphanies we experienced while refusing to bow to the gods of the small screen.

Making Friends Through Food

Guests: Bri McKoy

During His time on earth, Jesus spent a lot of time at tables. Bri McKoy says we should, too. She's not naturally a good cook (just ask her about the dish with 10 onions). But as she spent more time at tables — with friends, with prostitutes in Thailand, and by herself — she's realized that the table can be a powerful fellowship and evangelism tool. Hear her advice for meeting people and throwing a great dinner party (hint: gourmet dishes not required) as she talks to Lisa about her book "Come and Eat: A Celebration of Love and Grace Around the Everyday Table".

When to Tell

Guests: Jeff Johnston

A listener's past includes a porn addiction and dabbling in homosexuality. He's been getting counseling, but now he's interested in pursuing a girl. When does he tell her about his past? Is it better to get it all out at the beginning, or wait a while to see where the relationship goes? Focus on the Family's Jeff Johnston shares what he learned from his own mistakes in this area.