Kathryn Andersen

Kathryn Andersen spills an absurd amount of coffee and can be very awkward, so she’s very grateful for stain remover and Jesus’ grace for misfits. She’s the producer of and occasional guest on “The Boundless Show,” a national radio program and podcast. Before coming to Focus on the Family, she grew up in Joplin, Missouri, graduated from Missouri State University, and worked a variety of radio jobs, including being a news producer for an NPR affiliate and a storm chaser. Outside of work, she explores lakes, goes fishing, runs, visits family, and listens to podcasts — including “This American Life.” She also loves wearing cowboy boots and eating chicken-flavored crackers, two things Lisa Anderson thinks are “highly questionable.” In the spring she’ll marry her fiancé and best friend, Cody. Follow Kathryn on Twitter @kathryneutsler.

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