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December 23, 2020

Guys, Don’t Be a Creep: Episode 673


Women on how men can be creepy in dating, plus practicing transparency in marriage, and processing post-election hostility.     

Featured musical artist: Love and the Outcome

Roundtable: Creepy Male Daters

We’ve all heard a creepy dating story, or even lived through one (or 10). When you’re nervous about going on a date or you desperately want to impress your crush, is it possible to not come across as creepy in the process? In Part 2 of our “Don’t Be a Creep” roundtable series, the ladies share their biggest turn-offs about men who give a creepy vibe — and then, bonus — they share a few mistakes they’ve made themselves. 

Culture: When Marriage Gets Real

It’s easy to dream about the joy of your wedding day. But what can possibly prepare you for confessing something embarrassing to your future spouse? Deep down, we all want to be loved for who we really are, not just when we look our best. Ryan and Selena Frederick have walked through the ups and downs of married life, and have discovered how God’s grace shines brightest through our deepest insecurities. Their advice will encourage you for days when you fall short in your future marriage.   

Inbox: Losing Friends After the Election

He’s noticing that in the wake of the last election, some of his friends are determined to sever ties with others who voted differently than they did. Amid all the back and forth noise on social media, what is the Christian response? Media expert Paul Batura weighs in with a helpful perspective. 

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