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December 31, 2020

Goals for 2021… Should We Have Them?: Episode 674

49:55 – 

Setting goals for the new year after a chaotic 2020, plus being a peacemaker in relationships, and will COVID affect a girl’s dating future?     

Featured musical artist: Jonathan Cain

Roundtable: To Set or Not Set Goals?

It’s time to set resolutions for the upcoming year: lose a few pounds, stop eating the sugary foods, reign in bad spending habits, etc. But with all the chaos of 2020, many of us just want to catch our breath. With the pandemic still going on and the lingering effects of an election still felt, is it wise to even set goals in 2021? Our guests share their thoughts about the pros and cons of setting goals and how to keep a healthy perspective amidst the craziness.    

Culture: Finding Peace in Relationships

In a world filled with conflict, is it possible to find peace with our family and friends? As Chrsitians, having peace with others starts with us making good choices. Pastor Brian Noble has learned that finding stability takes a lot of effort and humility. Through sharing his own story of coming from a broken home, he’ll offer encouragement and give some helpful ideas for finding peace in your day-to-day relationships.   

Inbox: COVID and her Dating Future

She’s thankful to have recovered from a serious case of COVID, but is worried about the long-term effects. Will a guy still accept her, even after she tells him about the disease she had? Counselor Glenn Lutjens provides some help and encouragement. 

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