5 Reasons the Disciplined Life Is Sexy

No matter your season of life, do not underestimate the appealing power of living a disciplined life.

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April 2, 2020

Healing From an Abusive Past: Episode 635

– Creative ways to find a spouse, plus a Facebook exec on success after childhood abuse, and a listener feels disconnected from her married friends.

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Reading Revelation Responsibly

Through reading Revelation we learn more about Christ — who He is and what He is like.

Carpe A.M.

When I do set the alarm early and actually get up when it tells me to, I find that the morning offers some unique opportunities the rest of the day doesn’t.

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Three Reasons I Loved the Movie “I Still Believe”

For being a movie with such a sad storyline, “I Still Believe” offers hope to anyone going through hard times. Jeremy and Melissa’s story is redemptive.

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Hope in the Midst of Coronavirus

Just because we don’t have a map for these times doesn’t mean we’re lost. As Christians hoping in God, all we have to do is follow Jesus one step at a time.

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Millennials Are Saving for Retirement Sooner Than Previous Generations

It seems that millennials are heeding the warnings of those who have gone before us to stay out of debt, save money, and avoid lifestyle creep.