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Challenge #4: Loose Change Creates Change

change falling out of a jar
Who’s ready for week four? Do you have a favorite hobby, activity or entertainment? Are you willing to give it up for someone else?

Who’s ready for week four? We are officially half way through the #BoundlessChallenge2k18!

Do you have a favorite hobby, activity or entertainment? I know I do. While I don’t attend the movies avidly, I do enjoy watching the latest and greatest in theaters. It seems so easy to drop money on a ticket that seems necessary to buy because I want to see the movie. What if we gave up just one thing in our lives that we deem necessary? What could we do with the money we might save? What if we made small sacrifices to care for “the least of these” (as Jesus called them).

Week four starts now!

Challenge #4 details: Pick something you regularly splurge on, and give it up for this week. Examples include that morning coffee you habitually buy, going to the movies, eating out, bowling with the squad or maybe cutting back on junk food you keep around! Then take that money that you didn’t spend and donate it to your church or favorite justice organization. Take a photo, and tell us about where you donated the money, why you chose that organization and how much you were able to donate.

Photo guidelines: We’re giving you some freedom with this one. You can snap a photo of your local church or organization you gave to, explaining why. Or take a photo of what you gave up this week. Tell us about what you gave up, where you donated money, why you chose that organization, and how much you were able to donate. Whatever photo option you go with, post it on Instagram and remember to tag @BoundlessTeam and use #BoundlessChallenge2k18. Be creative with captions, camera angles and filters! To be eligible to win this week’s prize (a Boundless T-shirt!), post your photo before next Monday, July 16!

To go above and beyond: Keep it up after this week. Keep giving up whatever you splurge on for the rest of the summer and let us know how much money you’re able to donate by the end!  Tag @BoundlessTeam on Instagram and use #BoundlessChallenge2k18.

Is your money an idol?

Money isn’t inherently evil, but it can become an idol. Yet we’re merely stewards of our money — because everything we have is a gift from above. Whether you’ve been blessed with much or with little, we’re all called to be good stewards of what we’ve been given. So rather than holding tightly to what He’s given you, you can use our money to advance the kingdom of God.

So be careful with attitude toward your money and how important it is to you. Jesus gave a clearing warning about the danger of loving money:

No servant can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.

So this week choose to serve God. Be willing to give up some small comfort and trust that He will provide your every need. Give with a joyful heart, reflecting on what Christ gave for you.

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John Begeman
John Begeman

John Begeman is a small-town kid who interned with Boundless the summer of 2018. He’s attending South Dakota State University, majoring in communications and minoring in broadcast journalism. He stays busy at college, working with admissions, the college newspaper and an elementary school. He’s also involved in campus ministry, leading Bible studies and helping organize events to reach the lost on campus with the gospel.

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