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Engagement Stories: Leah & Jeff

Leah pic 3 kiss

Dear Candice,

Thanks so much for the investment you’ve made in my life! I read Get Married two and a half years ago, and it gave me a whole new perspective. Shortly before that I had started realizing some beliefs I had bought into that weren’t truth.

In November of 2008, a friend’s brother started showing some interest in me, and after some long weeks of what seemed like pursuing (even though nothing had been clearly stated), I asked for some clarity. He stated his interest and intentions, and after some time apart for prayer, he asked to start an intentional relationship with me. We were married on December 5th, 2009, and as of today, I can say that marriage has been even better than I ever dreamed! Jeff is a wonderful man, and I believe that if it hadn’t been for what I learned from your book and Boundless, I wouldn’t have even given him a chance (or have known how to if he *had* fit my ideals), and therefore wouldn’t be married today.

Now I’m doing what I can to invest in the lives of others. Honestly, I should get some sort of cut for all your books I’ve sold (as well as having 5 copies of my own that I pass around to anyone who will read them!) 🙂

Thanks again and blessings on you and your family!


Photography by Nathan Roth

* * *

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