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Is Mother’s Day Just a Hallmark Holiday?

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But maybe you’re thinking like me … Mother’s Day sometimes seems like just another holiday created by Hallmark and blown up into this huge deal just to sell more greeting cards. Am I allowed to say this if I’m not a mom? Or maybe Mother's Day does serve as a good reminder for us.

Mother’s Day is just two days away! But there’s still time, promise! I’m a procrastinator, so I’ll say from personal experience, you can do a ton in two days. So go order flowers or find a gift, pick out a card and make a plan for Sunday lunch or dinner.

I’ve got the gift handled, but at this rate, I’ll be part of that awkward crowd of young adults wandering the greeting card aisle at Saturday around 10 p.m. Oh, you’ve been there, too? Glad I’m in good company.

But maybe you’re thinking like me … Mother’s Day sometimes seems like just another holiday created by Hallmark and blown up into this huge deal just to sell more greeting cards.

Am I allowed to say this if I’m not a mom?

Another Hallmark Holiday?

Maybe it is just another holiday created with dollar signs in mind. But maybe it does actually serve as a good reminder for us to honor our moms.

When I was a kid, I remember wondering why there wasn’t a Kid’s Day. There was Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, even Grandparent’s Day — but no Kid’s Day. Confession time: I wanted another present. In my defense, my birthday is in November, near Christmas, so around this time of year, as a kid, I was really wanting another day that celebrated me.

But of course Kid’s Day doesn’t exist — because every day is Kid’s Day. I realize this isn’t entirely true because some of you didn’t have rosy childhoods and loving parents. But for most of us, our parents’ lives revolved around us, not the other way around.

Anyway, I got over my desire for a Kid’s Day.

But maybe as a single, you’re still struggling with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day — days that are about your parents, your siblings that are moms or dads, and not about you, because you’re not a parent.

And if that’s the case, well, let’s try this time to look beyond ourselves and use this Mother’s Day to truly just say “thanks” to mom (or the person in your life that has shown you a mother’s love).

Because as Hallmark-y as this holiday sometimes feels, it is a good reminder, at least for me, to think about the blessing my mother has been to me.

A Picture of Christ’s Love

You see, my mom has been there for me. From giving birth to me and changing my diapers, to helping me make pro/con lists for college, to listening to me vent, to giving me a hug when a relationship didn’t pan out the way I’d hoped. She’s been there for me, supporting and encouraging me along the way.

For the record, it isn’t all rainbows and butterflies — we’ve had our arguments, our times when we’d frustrate each other, and I think we’d both agree we love and appreciate each other more when we don’t spend 24/7 with each other.

But she’s shown me a ton of unconditional love. Even when I’ve been rude, there’s countless times she’s still loved me. Regardless of how little effort I’ve been putting into the relationship, I know she still loves me.

And this makes me think of Christ’s love. Because the best gift my mom has ever given me is to lead me to Christ by daily showing me a picture of His love.

So thanks, Mom.

When Mother’s Day Is Hard

But maybe this unconditional love I’ve experienced from my mom is not something you’ve experienced. Maybe you read what I wrote about my mom and feel jealous. Maybe Mother’s Day is painful for you because you don’t have a good relationship with your mom. Whether caused by little things or big things, maybe you’ve grown apart, and having to see your mom on this holiday is rough.

If this is your situation, pray that God will give you the grace to get through the day. And that He’ll somehow use this day to be a building block to the bridge that’ll heal your relationship.

And I’d encourage you to think through the relationship to see if there are areas where you need to be seeking forgiveness. Or maybe it really is you who has been wronged — but can you still forgive her in your heart, even if she hasn’t asked?

Sin has penetrated our world, and it’s penetrated our relationships. And Satan wants to break your relationship with your mom more and more — but make sure you’re fighting the real enemy (the devil) and not your mom. Try to work toward reconciliation graciously. Be ready to show that unconditional love, even if you haven’t ever received it from your mom.

I can’t pretend to know how difficult this is. But God does, and He’ll help you every step of the way.

Whether this day is easy and fun for you or difficult and painful, join me in trying to use this Hallmark holiday as an opportunity to show Christ’s love to our moms.

And maybe I’ll also use this as an opportunity to stop procrastinating and actually buy the card today instead of late tomorrow night. Or maybe I’ll save that for Father’s Day.

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