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Great Conversations, My Future Husband, No Fluffy Answers

Great Conversations

I just listened to May’s Fifty Shades of What? episode, and it was very good. I personally never read the series simply that I was convicted that I shouldn’t and that it wouldn’t support my marriage. (I’m 30 and married for eight years.) It was very refreshing to hear a real take on this, why we are compelled to read it and how we should address our friends who read this. I especially liked the list of five needs that are being fulfilled by these books. Really great conversations. I just wanted to send a thanks! Keep all that blazing away coming. —Gail

My Future Husband

I just wanted to thank you for the Boundless podcast. I stumbled upon you guys a little more than a year ago when I started to use the Stitcher app. Perhaps the biggest impact on my life: I started praying for my future husband. Because I wasn’t worried about getting married and have been content as a single, I didn’t think much about my husband before. Your broadcasts have helped me grow to this time where now I pray for him fairly regularly, for his well-being, family relationships, etc…. I feel at home turning to your podcast now. Isn’t that great?! I’m so thankful for you guys. —Laura

No Fluffy Answers

My parents have always been fans of Focus on the Family and introduced me to Boundless. I absolutely love it! Thank you for not only engaging the Christian culture in quality dialogue without compromising Scripture, but also for promoting the integration of this Truth into every aspect of our lives. Thank you as well for encouraging me to think and to ask hard questions that believers my age ought to face. I appreciate that you do not shy away from difficult, controversial topics and that you don’t provide ‘fluffy’ answers inconsistent to a life lived under the authority of Christ. You’ve encouraged me to live out the power of the Gospel instead of shrinking back like a hermit when I am confronted with unbiblical worldviews. Keep up the good work!

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