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Single-Parent Adoption?

Kids do best when they have both a mother and father caring for them, of course, but what about single adults who have a heart for kids and are interested in adoption? Should they really consider adopting a child?

If they have a strong sense that the Lord is directing them to do so, I think it’s totally fine.

Though single-parent households experience difficulties that two-parent households don’t, the truth is that a child benefits more from being in a single-parent home than in an orphanage or in the foster care system.

There are more than 150,000 children in the United States who need a permanent home, and according to International Voice of the Orphan some 143 million worldwide in the same state. To grow up without a mom and/or dad is a heartbreaking tragedy, one that no child should have to endure.

It’s our position, then, that if you’re single and feel motivated and qualified to explore the option of adopting, you should go ahead and do so. As mentioned above, it will be more difficult for you and will affect your lifestyle significantly (single women, for example, should be aware that raising boys is an extra challenge). But parent-less children stand to benefit from the love parent-minded single adults have to offer. If you feel called to such a ministry, please know that you have our admiration and support.

If you’ve considered adoption, get in touch with Focus on the Family for some helpful resources.

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