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Top 10 Articles in 2012

One of my favorite — and one of the more challenging — parts of my job as editor of Boundless is deciding what to publish each week. It’s a delicate balance of giving you our readers what you want and what you need as we work to help you mature in Christ as the foundation for marriage and family.

Throughout the year, it’s exciting to see what resonates with readers, and I’m often personally challenged and encouraged by the things our authors write. My favorite article from 2012 didn’t make the top-10 list below, so I’ll add it here as a bonus: “The Monster Within” by George Halitzka, which we published around Easter. For me it was a sober reminder of the sinful nature in all of us and how only by God’s grace was I not a criminal crucified next to Jesus.

Here is a list of the 10 most popular new articles we published this year.

10. How to Get the Men Back by David Murrow — This article, by the author of Why Men Hate Going to Church, shares some tips on how churches can win their young men back and the role single women can play in that revival.

9. Sex Series: Sexy Single Men by Daniel Weiss — “What does a normal, healthy, single man in today’s society look like?” This article answers that question.

8. 5 Questions to Answer Before You Get Married by Aaron Stern — Here are five questions that will help a couple know if they should get married.

7. I Pursued by Suzanne Hadley Gosselin — Three Christian guys talk about the process of pursuing their wives and why marriage is worth it.

6. What’s a Guy to Do? by Elisabeth Adams — Tips for how a man can behave so he does not induce women around him to lust

5. What’s the truth about guys and porn? by Scott Croft — What every girl needs to know when it comes to guys and pornography

4. Sex Series: State of the Sexual Union by David and Amber Lapp — This article provides a compelling vision of marital sex as God’s good design.

3. Sex Series: Sexy Single Women by Mary A. Kassian — Help for single women, who are seeking to live out Christ’s call to purity and holy living, to deal with their sex drive.

2. Where Have the Men Gone? by David Murrow — An examination of what’s driving men away from church

1. Your Friendgirl Deserves Better by Joshua Rogers — A rebuke to guys who have a “friendgirl” in whom they’re not romantically interested

What are some topics you’d like to see written about in 2013?


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