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Top 10 Best Moments of “The Boundless Show”

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Today, Jan. 26, 2018, marks the 10-year anniversary of “The Boundless Show” podcast! In honor of that, we gathered 10 of our favorite moments on the show to share with you all.

Today, Jan. 26, 2018, marks the 10-year anniversary of “The Boundless Show” podcast! In honor of that, we gathered 10 of our favorite moments on the show to share with you all.

10. In the very first episode, Lisa opened by saying, “I am contemplating getting a gun.” Turns out this desire was prompted by her confusing a falling picture with a burglar. Because her alarm system didn’t go off, the likely option was that the supposed burglar tunneled in.

9. In Episode 80, Lisa fangirled while interviewing Bill Gaither — drawing upon every possible connection and commonality between her and Bill. She even bragged about the time she sang “Jesus, I Heard You Had a Big House.” She also asked him to find her a guy on his tour. She’s still waiting on getting that invitation to tour with him.

8. In Episode 119, Lisa and guest host Travis Williams interviewed Lecrae, and Lisa pitched “Lisa and Travis Are My New Best Friends” as an option for his new record title. As time did tell, her pitch apparently couldn’t compete with “Rehab.”

7. In Episode 73, Lisa brazenly called Dr. Albert Mohler “Al,” and claimed BFF status with him due to his tweet that included both Lisa’s first and last name.

6. In Episode 390, Dr. Henry Cloud invited listeners to ask Lisa out on a date. Off the air, Dr. Cloud encouraged Lisa to “lower her barbed-wire fence a few inches in order to get a date.” Lisa is still trying to forgive him.

5. In Episode 518, Lisa welcomed Andrew Collins, an ex-crooked cop, and wrongly convicted Jameel McGee to the show. Lisa broke the ice by asking Andrew straight up what was wrong with him that he would falsify police reports.

4. In Episode 79, Lisa asked Evie Tornquist Karlsson who would win in a cagematch: Evie or Sandi Patty? Evie wouldn’t answer, claiming friendship with Sandi!

3. In Episode 386, Francis Chan effectively told listeners how to know they’re not saved. He cautioned listeners against a form of godliness that isn’t even close to the saving work of Jesus Christ.

2. In Episode 288, Lisa was interviewed by Susie Larson. In a candid, vulnerable conversation, Lisa cried when she admitted to personal struggles she’s had during her singleness.

1. For the special 500th episode, you all, our fans, voted for your favorite Culture segment in “The Boundless Show.” The winner: When the tables were turned and show host Lisa Anderson was interviewed! She even out beat Francis and Lisa Chan and Rebecca St. James!

What’s your favorite moment? Comment below!

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Abby DeBenedittis
Abby DeBenedittis

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