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Trouble Seeing Spiritual Growth?

I thought this blog post by Boundless writer Jonathan Dodson was helpful. It’s a top five list of things that make it difficult to see spiritual growth in our lives.

Visit Resurgence for more context but here is a condensed version of “5 Reasons You May Not Be Seeing Spiritual Growth”,

1. Feelings can be misleading. Bank your growth on faith in gospel truth, not in subjective feelings.

2. We have trouble seeing incremental growth. More often than not, the Spirit grows us in increments, not leaps and bounds.

3. Spiritual growth is relative but real. Depending on the person and season, spiritual growth may be fast or slow.

4. Our church family doesn’t encourage one another enough. Make a habit of pointing out growth you see in others, and celebrate God’s grace. Be a good church family.

5. God is using trial and temptation to grow us. Trial and temptation is often a sign of God’s work in our circumstances to draw us away from the fleeting promises of sin into the sweeter promises of grace.

I know that Jonathan was talking about true Christians here and not hypocrites. But the other reason you may not be seeing spiritual growth is that you’re not a Christian.  

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