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We Love You, Dad: 5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Here are five practical, cost-efficient and thoughtful options that are sure to make your dad smile. Each gift is tailored to unique interests.

Father’s Day is fast approaching on June 21. Here are five practical, cost-efficient and thoughtful options that are sure to make your dad smile. Each gift is tailored to your father’s unique interests. Below each gift is a link for directions to complete the gift.

1. For the Athlete

Does your father love baseball? This fun gift takes a mason jar and paints it to look like a baseball. You can then fill the jar with baseball tickets or for a cheaper option, candy. Or trade out the baseball design for any other sport as well.



2. The Handy-Man

If your dad is known for his visits to the hardware store, then purchase a gift card, an apron from the hardware store, and paint strips. Place them in the apron, letting the apron serve as a gift wrap. The paint strip can serve as the card. If don’t want to purchase a gift card, then again, you can fill the apron with candy.


3. Tech Savvy

Does your dad have a hard time keeping all of his cords for his electronics organized? If yes, then this cord roll gift is a sensible option. To make a cord roll you will need: ¼ yard of fake or real leather, a straight edge, an Xacto knife for cutting, a pen or pencil, and some snap buttons. The color of leather is up to you. Make sure to cut on a safe surface.


4. The Cooking Genius

Is your dad a chef? Does he love to grill? This gift is ideal for fathers skilled in grilling steaks to perfection. All this gift requires is a basket and the essentials you think your dad needs for grilling. This can include: grill cleaning supplies, sauces and seasonings, but the options are endless. You can customize the basket according to the supplies your dad wants.


5. Gone Fishin’

This gift idea is for fathers who love to fish, but also have a sweet tooth. It involves taking a plastic pill organizer or real tackle box and filling it with sour gummy worms, fish gummies and any other candy that resembles items often found in a fishing tackle box. This gift serves as a play on words, and your dad will be sure to love his sweet-and-sour tackle box.


For more ideas, please visit our Father’s Day Gift Ideas board on Pinterest.

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