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The Cure for a Troubled Heart

Too often we get in our own way by not coming to Christ, not believing He really cares, or not trusting Him to help us as He promised He would.

How a KitchenAid Mixer Taught Me to Trust God

Last night my husband made mashed potatoes using the KitchenAid mixer we bought with money from our wedding. He was singing its praises for the fluffy, delicious potatoes we had with dinner. Every time I use the mixer it reminds me of God’s faithfulnes …

How Not to Waste the Waiting

by Dorothy Camak Rory Gilmore, a character in the TV show “Gilmore Girls,” taught me that it is vital to always carry a book with you. You never know when you may find yourself in a situation or place where you need to pass the time while you wait. So, …

3 Ways to Keep Hoping for Marriage

In this week’s feature article, “Why You Should Keep Hoping for Marriage,” I make a case for why singles shouldn’t give up on their desire to wed. But I know from experience that’s sometimes easier said than done. It can feel good to “just decide” that …

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