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James Eldridge

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Patterns of Destruction, Part 2

In this blog series, we are discussing four fighting patterns that are extremely destructive to relationships. If you want to read more about these patterns as well as many other marriage communication techniques, check out Fighting for Your Marriage. …

Patterns of Destruction, Part 1

  A common misconception about fighting is that its presence in a relationship is a sign that the two people are no longer in love and that their relationship might be falling apart. This could not be further from the truth. The sign to a healthy …

Never Stop Learning

A few blogs ago, I told you about how argumentative I used to be (“A Change in Focus”). Well, even though God is slowly mixing humility into my character ingredients list, I still have moments where the old self “shines” through. One of those moments h …

July 5, 2012

Quitter: Episode 231

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Fall Head Over Heels

Sometimes I get distracted.  OK, maybe more than sometimes. I get distracted a lot of times.  There are so many things that fight for my attention. This world we live in is an extremely hectic place that constantly keeps us on our toes.  Last week I wa …

A Change in Focus

During my freshman year of college, God had many things to change inside of me. If you had known me before I arrived at the university, you probably would have rolled your eyes at some of the things I did. Growing up, I did not like to be wrong, and I …

One of the Boys

Being the newbie on the Boundless team, I have a lot of things to learn before I will feel confident of my handle on things. One factor that I did not expect or prepare for is the whole “this gig never changes” deal. Think about it: On Mondays, Wednesd …

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