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April 27, 2023

Are Revivals Real?: Episode 795

51:54 – 

Insight on recent campus revivals, plus the gospel in light of CRT and racial unity, and when your spouse seems spiritually stunted.

Featured musical artist:  Jeremy Rosado

Roundtable: Understanding Mass Revivals

Earlier this year, we saw spiritual revivals happen at college campuses around the country. There was both excitement and skepticism around these much-publicized events, leaving many asking about the nature of revival as well as its spiritual impact and implications. Two pastors join us this week to explain the biblical interpretation of revival as well as what true revival looks like, plus lessons learned from various revivals throughout history.

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Culture: The Gospel and Racial Unity

For years, Monique Duson was an advocate of critical race theory (CRT); as a black woman from south central Los Angeles, it seemed like the natural fit. But when she was challenged to look at CRT through the lens of the gospel, Monique changed her tune. While she agrees that CRT raises some necessary questions, she feels most of the assumptions and conclusions presented by CRT run far afield from truth. Monique challenges Christians to approach racial unity from a posture of biblical grace, recognizing what is already ours in Christ. Listen in for a fascinating discussion from a leading thinker in this space.

Featured Article: Beyond Racial Division: A Conversation With Sociologist George Yancey    

Featured Website: Center for Biblical Unity

Featured Video: Monique Duson’s Lighthouse Voices Event 

Inbox: When You Question Your Spouse’s Christian Walk

What can a believer do when his or her spouse professes Christ, but isn’t evidencing the Fruit of the Spirit in their life? Pastor Mark Bates weighs in.

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