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January 12, 2023

Be More Productive: Episode 780

53:12 – 

Small but measurable changes in productivity, plus the state of the pro-life movement post-Dobbs, and how to avoid online scams.

Featured musical artist:  Jonathan Cain

Roundtable: How to Increase Your Productivity

When you consider your habits and goals from 2022, what went well? What areas still need improvement? As we settle into a rhythm for 2023, our guests share small changes they’re making to accomplish their goals in the new year. Listen to the discussion on cutting the clutter, managing your time, and being more productive; then implement strategies for taking your own personal growth to the next level.

Culture: What’s Changed Since the Roe v. Wade Reversal?

Despite the Supreme Court’s landmark Dobbs decision last June, tension has remained high around the topic of abortion in America. Some states have instituted more restrictive abortion measures while others have sought to expand abortion rights. Protests continue, but what’s the real story? Months after the ruling, what has actually changed, and what are the implications for women, babies, the courts and the future of life in our nation? Focus on the Family’s Robyn Chambers sets the record straight and offers guidance for how to champion life where it matters most.

Inbox: Preventing an Online Scam 

She was recently scammed by someone on Instagram who posed as a well-known Christian leader. She gave money to the individual and is now dealing with the repercussions. How did this happen, and how can she prevent it from happening again? Cybersecurity expert Rhett Saunders weighs in. 

PDF: 3 Steps to a Secure Online Presence

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