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January 5, 2023

Relationship Goals: Episode 779

57:54 – 

Setting relational goals in the new year, plus Jeanine Amapola’s breakup recovery tips, and how to politely say “no” to a second date.

Featured musical artist: Love and the Outcome 

Roundtable: Goals for Your Relationships

Since a new year usually prompts conversations around goals and resolutions, we thought it would be fun to discuss our relational goals for the next 12 months. Whether in dating, friendship, family, or just general communication and interpersonal prowess, our guests take a look back at their relationships in 2022, the areas they hope to grow in this year, and how to have hope for your relational future in singleness, dating and more.

I Wasn’t Born to Be a Mom

Culture: Jeanine Amapola on Recovering From a Breakup

Let’s face it: Breakups are hard. If you’ve recently or not-so-recently walked through a relationship implosion, you know it’s not something you just “get over.” And it’s doubly tough when your friends are in a season of romantic bliss (or so it seems). Jeanine Amapola, host of the “Happy and Healthy Podcast,” has seen her share of heartache. She’ll talk through a couple of her breakups, honestly dissecting what she did both wrong and right. Her insights will give us encouragement as we navigate our own stories of relational loss.

Happy & Healthy Podcast   

Inbox: What If I Don’t Want a Second Date? 

She was recently asked out by a guy but isn’t excited about it. She’s willing to give him a chance, but is already questioning how to turn down a second date if he asks for it. Is she overthinking this, or is there a way she can prepare for the conversation? Counselor Jenny Coffey weighs in.

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