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January 3, 2013

Best of 2012, Part 2: Episode 257

1:08:51 – 

Happy New Year, Boundless family! Whether 2012 was amazing in your book, or something you’d rather shake off and forget, it’s time to move on and look ahead to 2013.

What are you anticipating this year? How do you plan to live the year (yes, I’m gonna say it) intentionally?

Before we look ahead, let’s take one more look back at some of the best podcast content of 2012. Here’s our second and final installment in our “best of” series to finish out the year. Maybe one of these segments will inspire you as you plan for the coming months.

In the meantime, what were your favorite topics or interviews from the past year?

Church for Men — 00:00

When Martha first handed me David Murrow’s “Where Have the Men Gone?” I said, “Good grief.” There were several things I disagreed with and a few more I knew would be misunderstood by readers. But I’m no expert on men, nor am I a man attempting to navigate today’s church culture. I decided we’d let Murrow make his case. I told Martha to (after a few edits — we’re not masochists) run the article; then I prayed. You may have read the piece and formed your opinion already — or maybe not. Either way, listen in as several of us react to the article and its particulars. Then tell us what you think about this thorny “men and the church” business.

The Power of a Minute–28:13

Long before Wess Stafford was president of Compassion International, he was a small boy growing up in a West African village. Several powerful encounters influenced him — for good and for bad — during that season of life. And he’s never forgotten them. Join me and the author of Too Small to Ignore and Just a Minute as we discuss the power we have to influence others forever, even in small, seemingly insignificant moments.

Christian Nice Guys–1:00:22

We hear from a lot of ladies who feel overlooked by the single men in their spheres, but we’ve learned that the feeling cuts both ways. Guys complain of being passed by, too, and this listener wants to know why he’s dubbed the “Christian nice guy” who apparently isn’t dateable. Fortunately John Thomas is here to offer some encouragement and advice.

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