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October 27, 2022

Big Questions for God: Episode 769

57:25 – 

Asking God honest questions, plus Dr. Bob Paul shares landmark relationship advice, and encouragement for 30-something single men.

Featured musical artist:  Love and the Outcome 

Roundtable: My Biggest God Questions

Since none of us are God, it’s normal to have questions about who He is, what He’s thinking, and what He’s up to today and, well — forever. Some questions are lighthearted, but others are serious and have big implications. Our guests share questions they’ve had about God, ones they still have, and where some safe places are to get them answered.

Culture: Foundational Tools for Healthy Relationships (Part 1) 

As the leader of Focus on the Family’s Hope Restored program, Dr. Bob Paul regularly conducts four-day marriage intensives where he counsels couples who are on the brink of divorce. Lisa Anderson had the opportunity to observe an intensive and says, “Hope Restored is doing great work for marriages in crisis, but in my opinion, every unmarried person should go through this incredible program.” Learn why Lisa speaks so strongly of Hope Restored as she interviews Bob about the foundational lessons he teaches couples and how they can benefit your own personal growth and relationships. In part one, Bob discusses the importance of safety in relationships, and why boundaries are so important.

Inbox: Hope for Single Men in Their 30s

He’s in his mid-30s and is struggling to find a potential spouse. Even though he’s tried online dating, it’s only resulted in a few dates. The waiting is difficult and he’s getting more and more discouraged. Is there hope for him? Counselor Glenn Lutjens weighs in.

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