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November 3, 2022

Sorting Through a Situationship: Episode 770

1:03:06 – 

Addressing a situationship, plus more of Dr. Bob Paul’s landmark relationship advice, and when your ex has stopped all communication.

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Roundtable: Navigating a Situationship

You and someone have been talking or hanging out for a while now. You like each other, but instead of going on dates, you keep the pseudo-relationship rolling without defining it. Sound familiar? Taking cues from the culture, many now describe these scenarios as a “situationship” (similar to what we often call a “friendlationship” at Boundless), and most of the time they lead to frustration and resentment. Our guests share openly about times they’ve been in these go-nowhere arrangements and how you can get out of one.

Culture: Foundational Tools for Healthy Relationships (Part 2) 

As the leader of Focus on the Family’s Hope Restored program, Dr. Bob Paul regularly conducts four-day marriage intensives where he counsels couples who are on the brink of divorce. Lisa Anderson had the opportunity to observe an intensive and says, “Hope Restored is doing great work for marriages in crisis, but in my opinion, every unmarried person should go through this incredible program.” Learn why Lisa speaks so strongly of Hope Restored as she interviews Bob about the foundational lessons he teaches couples and how they can benefit your own personal growth and relationships. In part two, Bob discusses codependency in relationships and what to do when someone triggers you.

Inbox: When an Ex Cuts All Ties

When you’ve been in a long-term relationship and he or she cuts off communication, how do you handle that? Lisa Anderson weighs in.

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