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December 15, 2022

Cheap but Meaningful Christmas Gifts: Episode 776

54:53 – 

Christmas shopping on a budget, plus blogger Tim Challies on processing grief, and appropriate age gaps for dating.

Featured musical artist: Ecclesia 

Roundtable: A Budget-Conscious Christmas

Are you still trying to finish your Christmas shopping? You’re not the only one. And with inflation and other financial pressures, gift-giving this year can seem more of a burden than a blessing. But what if truly meaningful gifts aren’t always the most expensive ones? Our panel shares ideas for fun and creative Christmas gifts and activities that will still leave money in your pocket.

Culture: Grief When You Least Expect It (Part 1) 

On November 3, 2020, Tim Challies got the call every parent dreads — his 20-year-old son, Nick, had died unexpectedly while away at college. As the grief and shock hit and then continued in waves, Tim found incredible comfort in grieving through the seasons of the following year by writing out his thoughts and emotions. In part one of our conversation, Tim talks about the early days after receiving the tragic news, how he wrestled with God’s sovereignty amid the intense grief, and what helped him get through the dark days of that fall and winter.

Inbox: Appropriate Age Gaps in Dating

Many of us know a couple where the man and woman are several years (or more) apart in age.  At what point does an age gap become too weird or problematic? Is there a formula for figuring out how to view age differences for relational success? Lisa Anderson weighs in.   

4 Things to Consider When Dating With an Age Difference

What to Ask When There’s an Age Difference

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