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December 22, 2022

Should Everyone Experience a Breakup?: Episode 777

54:04 – 

Expressing your faith on social media and in person, plus more from Tim Challies on processing grief, and should a breakup be part of your story?

Featured musical artist:  Abandon

Roundtable: Living Your Faith Online and IRL

As Christians, our identity is in Christ, so there’s no way we can separate our faith from who we are and what we do. As such, our faith is reflected in everything, including our interactions with others. As we consider how we show up in relationships — whether real or virtual — what should that look like? How do we set the tone, language, actions and reactions to everything we communicate? Our panelists talk through ways they’re learning to be open about their faith, whether face-to-face or via a post, meme or Reel. Listen in as they share how to glorify God and share the love of Christ through our communication and conversations.

Culture: Grief When You Least Expect It (Part 2) 

On November 3, 2020, Tim Challies got the call every parent dreads — his 20-year-old son, Nick, had died unexpectedly while away at college. As the grief and shock hit and then continued in waves, Tim found incredible comfort in grieving through the seasons of the following year by writing out his thoughts and emotions. In part two of our conversation, Tim discusses the spring and summer seasons after Nick’s passing — including what should have been Nick’s wedding day — and shares hard-won peace in keeping an eternal perspective on the days we are given.

Inbox: Is a Breakup Necessary for Relationship Success?

We all know someone who’s gone through a breakup; in fact, most people experience one before they ever meet their mate. But our listener is wondering: Is a breakup a necessary part of the dating process? She’s reluctant to date because of the pain she’s seen breakups cause her friends. Lisa Anderson weighs in.

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