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September 3, 2020

Christians and the 2020 Election (Part 2): Episode 657


More on how Christians should approach the 2020 election, plus getting rid of toxic thoughts, and feeling trapped into marrying someone. 

Featured musical artist: Je’kob

Roundtable: 2020 Voting Angst (Part 2)

Election Day 2020 is approaching, and many American voters are uneasy, if not downright upset. In the midst of so much unrest and uncertainty, it’s easy for Christians to ask: “How should I vote? Should I even vote at all?” Our guests continue last week’s conversation regarding the tension they feel in anticipation of November, how they’re evaluating the candidates and issues, and how we can keep our eyes on Christ and our sanity intact despite the craziness. 

Culture: Mind Control

Author Jennie Allen knows firsthand what it’s like to endure the darkness of toxic thoughts and overwhelming fear. After an incident at a speaking engagement a few years ago, she battled 18 months of intense anxiety. But in walking through that season, she learned that we’re not doomed to be a victim of our own minds. Instead, with God’s help, we can replace toxic thoughts with the truths of God’s Word, and with grace, move into spiritual and emotional wholeness.

Inbox: Trapped in an Engagement

He’s engaged, but there’s one problem — he’s feeling forced to marry the woman. He admittedly doesn’t find her attractive, but feels pressured by his parents to go through with it since she has many great qualities. Should he back out before it’s too late? One of our counselors will bring some perspective to this sticky situation.

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