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February 4, 2021

Confident or Arrogant?: Episode 679

53:50 – 

Recognizing confidence versus arrogance, plus week two on embracing adulthood with grace, and should you splurge on stuff while single? 

Featured musical artist: Ginny Owens

Roundtable: The Right Kind of Confidence

We’ve all met someone who just couldn’t tell us enough about his accomplishments. After tolerating his rambling, we searched for the nearest exit, hoping to not run into him again. For most people, especially in dating, arrogance is a gigantic turnoff. But is there a way to be genuinely confident without telling the world how great you are? Our guests discuss how they’ve learned to be confident (and recognize it in others) without crossing the line to being a jerk.   

Culture: Adulting for Jesus — Part 2

Let’s face it: Being an adult isn’t easy. We all want to find our life’s calling, but many of us feel like we’re making it up as we go. The good news is, God is here to help us through. Comedian Kristin Weber has learned a lot about embracing the responsibilities of adulthood in today’s world. In part two of our conversation, she discusses taming social media, embracing the Sabbath, dealing with loneliness, and finding contentment in an age of anxiety. 

Inbox: To Buy or Not to Buy?

He’s single and enjoys decorating his place with higher-end stuff. But should he scrimp now and save his money for marriage and the expenses that will come then? What does wise stewardship and balance look like in his single season? Lisa Anderson weighs in with thoughts on managing your money well as a single adult, and when it’s OK to splurge.

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