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February 11, 2021

Choice Paralysis: Episode 680

55:14 – 

Choosing in a world of endless options, plus a pandemic self-care checkup, and not obsessing over someone’s unresponsiveness. 

Featured musical artist: Danen Kane

Roundtable: Too Anxious to Choose

Our world is full of options. Whether it’s restaurants to try, subscriptions to purchase, or how to spend a Saturday, just settling on a decision can feel like work. But what about when you’re faced with bigger, life-altering choices: Do I take this relationship to the next level? Is this the  church I should join? Do I make this cross-country move or stay put? As the questions stir in our heads, it’s easy to let anxiety drive our decision-making — or keep us from making any decision at all. Our guests tell how they’ve learned to make wise choices in a sea of endless options, and give practical strategies for not overthinking big decisions.   

Culture: Are You Still OK After a Year of COVID?

As the weeks and months tick by, our nation and world still face the harsh realities of life in the COVID-19 pandemic. Many have lost jobs and some even lost family members and close friends to the virus. How are you holding up? Counselor Geremy Keeton discusses lessons we can learn from this past year and how we can have hope in these uncertain times. For those longing for normalcy, it’s an opportunity to pause and reflect on the necessary elements of life amid the unexpected.   

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Inbox: Did He See My Message?

She really likes him and has sent him messages on social media. But even though she knows he’s logged into his accounts, he’s not replied to her. What gives? Lisa Anderson weighs in on the best way to respond to his non-responses. 

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