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February 18, 2021

Get Some Rest: Episode 681

51:08 – 

Prioritizing sleep and rest, plus guarding your post-election mental health, and is dating a fellow business owner a wise idea? 

Featured musical artist: Mosaic MSC

Roundtable: Why You Need Better Sleep

Many young adults pride themselves on doing life with little rest. Stay up late, get another project done, drink lots of caffeine, and just tough it out. But the truth is, we all need sleep and down-time if we’re going to thrive in life. Our guests discuss their own hang-ups around getting good rest, and give tips for proper sleep hygiene, time management, ways to fall asleep and more.    

Culture: Staying Sane After the Election

Several months after the 2020 U.S. election, residual passion and anger can still be felt around the country. If you’re glued to the news and social media around the clock, you’re bound to feel exhausted and upset. Is it possible to stay informed without letting it all drive you crazy? Psychiatrist Dr. Karl Benzio is back to provide helpful ideas for managing your mental health during this crazy time in our culture.  

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Inbox: Dating a Business Partner

She co-owns a business with him and thinks he’s a great guy. Now that his latest relationship ended, she’s wondering if it’s time confess she likes him. She’s prayed about it, but would dating each other be bad for business? Human resources expert Jenn Scheck advises how to best approach this. 

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