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March 14, 2024

Dating Trajectory: Episode 841

56:11 – 

Know if the person you’re dating is maturing or not, plus overcoming body image issues, and favorite foods of the Boundless team.   

Featured musical artist: David Dunn

Roundtable: Prioritizing Growth in Dating

Maturing together can be one of the greatest joys of dating someone. But how can you tell if the person you’re seeing is truly pursuing growth — or if they’re all talk and no action? Our panel shares strategies for assessing if your significant other is actually maturing, how to not be someone’s Holy Spirit, and why you need to be humble and teachable yourself.        

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Culture: A Conversation About Body Image

Dr. Becky Taylor battled disordered eating and body image as a teenager and young adult — a struggle that still has ramifications in her life today. She’s now an eating disorder expert and professor at Colorado Christian University where she daily counsels young adults on body image issues of all kinds (e.g. not just food). In our conversation, she shows us how to embrace our God-given identities, how to recognize wrong perspectives, and where to start on a journey toward healing — including a powerful lesson from the children’s book “When God Made You.”     

Table for Two: Biblical Counsel for Eating Disorders 

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Inbox: What’s Your Favorite Food? 

We received a light-hearted question about our favorite foods. The entire Boundless team weighs in with our opinions!

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