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March 7, 2024

Trendy or Traditional?: Episode 840

1:00:45 – 

What your style aesthetic says about you, plus finding value in entertainment, and how to be a better listener.  

Featured musical artist: Nathan Tasker

Roundtable: Trendsetters and Old Souls

Fashion choices, home decor, life hacks, music and more. All of these are indicators of our culture — or our resistance to it. When it comes to being current or wishing for times past, where do you fit in? Our guests describe their place on the cultural continuum, talk through the pros and cons, and suggest how to appreciate people who are different from yourself.       

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Culture: What Good Entertainment Teaches Us

We can learn a lot from the entertainment we consume — especially films and television. Understanding a culture, or someone’s unique experience, or even learning about history — all of these can be accomplished by watching a well-told story. This week our Plugged In experts address how movies can be good conversation starters, and they’ll give us some of their best recommendations to get us going.      

Inbox: Am I Talking Too Much? 

Our listener says that when she gets together with friends, she finds herself talking too much. She wants to be a better listener, but how? One of our counselors weighs in.     

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