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February 1, 2024

Does Modesty Matter?: Episode 835

58:14 – 

Improve your listening skills, plus breaking negative family patterns, and why should Christians dress modestly?          

Featured musical artist:  About a Mile  

Roundtable: Improve Your Listening Skills

Listening is a lost art. It’s also a skill that requires focus, intention, and care for the other person. While some people are naturally better listeners, anyone can get better at making others feel heard. Our guests discuss their own struggles with listening and talk through ideas for improvement including focus, honest feedback, and how to handle interactions with a poor listener.               

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Culture: Breaking Bad Family Cycles

We’ve all been affected by family brokenness. For some, it was our parents’ divorce. Others had a parent abandon them. Still others grew up in homes filled with anger, blame, shame or grief. With so much heartbreak and negative history, many young adults wonder if having their own family someday is even worth it. Members of our Focus on the Family counseling team give us  hope for starting over, breaking cycles, and honoring God in the process.      

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Inbox: Does God Care What I Wear?

Christians talk about how it’s important to dress modestly, but why, and what does that actually mean? Counselor Joannie DeBrito weighs in.

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