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January 25, 2024

Get Smarter This Year: Episode 834

56:51 – 

Fun ideas for boosting your intelligence, plus Alisa Childers tackles more sneaky cultural lies, and is dating multiple people at once OK?          

Featured musical artist:  John Waller

Roundtable: Boost Your Intelligence

You don’t need to spend all your free time scrolling social media or binging Netflix. What if you resolved to improve your intelligence in 2024? Our guests share what areas they want to become more competent in this year and why. They’ll also discuss how they plan to make it happen without becoming performance-driven or arrogant.                  

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Culture: The World Is Lying to Us (Part 2)

Have you heard someone reference “their truth”? It may sound harmless — even affirming — but it’s a concept that is founded on a lie. Sadly, numerous untruths have infiltrated our cultural vocabulary, and sometimes even Christians don’t recognize how deceptive they are. Christian apologist and author Alisa Childers joins us for a candid conversation around unbiblical statements, platitudes and promises that sound good but are in fact dangerous. In part two she addresses the myths of “God just wants you to be happy,” “You shouldn’t judge,” and “It’s all about love.”    

Inbox: Is Dating Multiple People OK?

Is it acceptable to date multiple people at the same time? Our host Lisa Anderson weighs in.

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