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January 18, 2024

Alisa Childers Debunks Cultural Lies: Episode 833

54:06 – 

Staying inspired even when it’s tough, plus Alisa Childers tackles sneaky cultural lies, and should you move to a new state for a fresh start?          

Featured musical artist:  Tauren Wells

Roundtable: How Can I Stay Motivated? 

We’re several weeks into the new year — and it’s already hard to sustain those big plans and goals we made on January 1 for starting something great or stopping something unhealthy. Staying the course is no easy task, but what if there are ways to remain inspired and continue making progress, even on days when you feel like giving up? Our panel discusses how they’re staying motivated this year.                 

Guests: John Peardon, Georgia Dunham, Bry Shirin

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Culture: The World Is Lying to Us (Part 1)

Have you heard someone reference “their truth”? It may sound harmless — even affirming — but it’s a concept that is founded on a lie. Sadly, numerous untruths have infiltrated our cultural vocabulary, and sometimes even Christians don’t recognize how deceptive they are. Christian apologist and author Alisa Childers joins us for a candid conversation around unbiblical statements, platitudes and promises that sound good but are in fact dangerous. In part one she covers the myths of “Live your truth,” “You are enough,” and “You should put yourself first.”    

Inbox: Should I Move to a New State?

Our listener wants to move somewhere with a higher percentage of young adults who love the outdoors and hiking. But is this enough reason to uproot and relocate? Boundless producer John Peardon weighs in.

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