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January 11, 2024

How Do I Know I’m a Christian?: Episode 832

55:47 – 

Finding activities in colder months, plus Mark Bates outlines the essentials of Christianity, and is playing lots of video games a sin?   

Featured musical artist: Zach Williams 

Roundtable: Don’t Wish Winter Away

Now that the holidays are over and the hustle and bustle has died down, the temptation to hibernate is strong. The days are short and cold, activities are limited, and creativity and motivation easily give way to Netflix and napping. Can you make the most of the winter months, both inside and outdoors? Our guests offer their best ideas.                

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Culture: Marks of a True Christian

Lots of people call themselves Christians. But even the Bible says that not everyone who claims Christ belongs to Him. So how can you know if you’re truly saved? What are the essentials we must believe and do? Pastor Mark Bates breaks down the necessary things for true Christians to agree on.   

 The Focused Pastor

Inbox: How Much Time Playing Video Games Is Sinful?

If you enjoy playing video games, how do you gauge if the amount of time you play them is too much? Can it even become sinful? And are certain games just flat-out wrong to play? Counselor Jeff Brown weighs in.     


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