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January 4, 2024

Thoughts on a New Year: Episode 831

59:30 – 

Bringing optimism into 2024, plus Kait and JJ Tomlin answer your questions, and what if your church lacks a ministry to singles?        

Featured resource: Boundless Guides to Marrying Well  

Guests: Ryan Wall, Bry Shirin, John Peardon, Kait Tomlin, JJ Tomlin, Lisa Anderson    

Featured musical artist:  Covenant Worship  

Roundtable: A Healthy Perspective for the New Year

People are forecasting growth and setting goals for 2024, but what does it look like to bring  genuine hope into your new year? Our guests discuss setting a healthy framework for the coming months, and how they (and we) can focus on blessings and opportunities rather than the discouraging headlines and circumstances around us. Whether you’re a natural optimist or more prone to cynicism and discouragement, this conversation will help.               

Guests: Ryan Wall, Bry Shirin, John Peardon

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Culture: “Heart of Dating” Hosts Kait & JJ Tomlin (Part 2)

You may know Kait Warman as the host of the popular “Heart of Dating” podcast. Now married to JJ Tomlin, Kait is back on our show (with JJ this time). Last week they shared their story of meeting, dating, and marrying, and this week they answer relationship questions from our listeners.  

Guests: Kait Tomlin, JJ Tomlin 

Resource Offer: Boundless Guides to Marrying Well  

Link to Heart of Dating Website 

Inbox: No Church Ministry for Singles 

You long for connection with other singles at your church, but what can you do if your congregation doesn’t have a dedicated space for that — especially for those who are post-college? Lisa Anderson weighs in.

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