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December 28, 2023

Are You Spiritually Mature?: Episode 830

58:43 – 

Are You Spiritually Mature?: Episode 830

Reasons to go on a missions trip, plus Kait and JJ Tomlin from the “Heart of Dating” podcast, and how can you measure spiritual maturity?        

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Roundtable: Why Go on a Missions Trip?

Churches and organizations are already advertising opportunities to join them on missions trips next year. Should you give one a try? Our guests have seen firsthand the fruit of giving their time and talent in other cultural contexts, and give helpful insight into what to expect, how to find a good fit, and what missions trips are and aren’t.               

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Culture: “Heart of Dating” Hosts Kait & JJ Tomlin (Part 1)

You may know Kait Warman as the host of the popular “Heart of Dating” podcast. Now married to JJ Tomlin, Kait is back on our show (with JJ this time) so they can tell their story of meeting, overcoming assumptions and an age difference, preparing for marriage, and now doing ministry together. Heads-up: Next week they’ll answer your dating questions. 

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Inbox: Is My Faith Growing? 

Spiritual maturity is essential for Christians, but it’s a process. How do you know if there’s growth in your life, and how do you actively pursue it? Pastor Mark Bates offers advice.

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