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December 21, 2023

These Pastors Were Addicts: Episode 829

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A 2023 goals report card, plus firsthand help for addiction recovery (part two), and can you study the Bible without it getting repetitive?

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Roundtable: What Happened to Our 2023 Resolutions?

Do you remember what your goals were at the beginning of the year? Our team looked back at our aspirations for 2023 and how (if?) we actually saw them through. We share the highs and lows of this year, how we hoped to grow, what we wanted to accomplish, and what we might change heading into 2024.

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Culture: An Inside Look at Addiction (Part 2)

Addiction is no small thing, and one of the most painful experiences is falling prey to it, or seeing a friend or family member do so. Addicts either don’t think they have a problem, or assume it’s something to “fix” if they can muster up the willpower — but it goes so much deeper than that. Dr. Ken Harmon and Dr. Trent Langhofer, both former addicts, are now pastors and recovery experts whom God is using to help others. In part two of our conversation, they share the dos and don’ts of helping someone trapped in addiction.

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Inbox: Does Your Bible Reading Seem Repetitive?

Is there a way to read the Bible or devotional books without them feeling repetitive? Pastor Mark Bates weighs in.

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