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November 4, 2021

Favorite Games With Friends: Episode 718

54:33 – 

In praise of game nights, plus taming the anxiety monster, and do mental health struggles mean you’re not ready to date?   

Featured musical artist:  Nathan Tasker 

Roundtable: How to Host a Game Night

Playing games can deepen friendships, create fun memories and brighten an otherwise ho-hum week. We brought in a panel of guests who’ve hosted friends for party games, strategy games, card games and more. They’ll give a few of their favorite game recommendations, plus tips on how to invite and include friends in the fun, what food to serve, and how to please both the competitive and casual game-players in your midst.  

Culture: Peace in an Anxious World (Part 1)

Anxiety in today’s world is at an all-time high — especially among young adults. Whether money, work, relationships or the future, there’s always something to worry about. Is there a way to find calm in the storm? Pastor David Marvin is one of the leaders of The Porch — the largest church gathering of young adults in the U.S. — and he’s passionate about finding peace and helping others do the same. In part one of our conversation, he shares how we got so anxious, why some things seem scarier than others, and yes, why he even dreaded his own honeymoon. 

Inbox: Dating With Mental Health Struggles

She wants to date but is struggling with her mental health. Since the fight may never stop, will it disqualify her from ever being in a serious relationship? Counselor Jenny Coffey weighs in. 

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