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October 28, 2021

Healthy Confrontation: Episode 717

58:10 – 

When you should confront someone, plus a psychiatrist on the topic of suicide, and taking initiative vs. letting God run your love life.   

Featured musical artist: Danen Kane

Roundtable: Christians and Confrontation

Conflict. It happens, though most of us avoid it when we can. But sticking our heads in the proverbial sand won’t accomplish anything. Instead, conflict and confrontation are a part of life, and the Bible has wisdom for how Christians should approach disagreements and even sin in one another. Our guests discuss conflicts and confrontations they’ve encountered and how they navigated hard conversations with grace. This discussion is a necessary primer for anyone who wants to mature in their relationships.    

Culture: An Honest Look at Suicide

Suicide statistics are at an all-time high worldwide. Most of us know of someone — perhaps even a pastor or Christian leader — who has taken their own life, leaving us to wonder: Why is this happening? Is there anything we can do? How can we recognize acute depression and suicidal thoughts in ourselves and our friends, and what’s the best course of action when we do? Psychiatrist Karl Benzio gives us tools to rightly understand and address the warning signs of suicide.  

Counseling Services

Inbox: Trying Hard and Trusting God

He’s trying to be more intentional about meeting girls and dating, but could he be trying too hard? Is there a balance between taking initiative in dating versus letting God be in charge? Lisa Anderson weighs in.   


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