November 14, 2013

Francis Chan’s Math Lesson: Episode 302

54:43 – 

Creative ways to build friendships, plus Francis Chan on making disciples, and a question about sharing Jesus on a plane.

Featured musical artist: The Neverclaim


Episode Segments

The Boundless Show: Roundtable Segment
Roundtable Segment

Join the Club

21:23 – 

It’s not easy to meet people as a single. Small groups and Bible studies at church are great, but are there other creative ways to find friends and build relationships, especially with folks from different ages and stages? The people on our panel are doing it, and they share strategies for widening our social circles while expanding our horizons.

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The Boundless Show: Culture Segment
Culture Segment


Guests: Francis Chan,

24:01 – 

If you’ve listened to pastor and author Francis Chan for, oh, a minute, you know that he’s passionate about the Gospel. He’s also passionate about believers understanding the Gospel in a way that transforms every area of our lives. If we truly follow Jesus, he says, one of the natural outcomes is to join the work God’s doing in creating other believers. It’s a law of multiplication, and it’s outlined in Francis’ book Multiply.

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The Boundless Show: Inbox Segment
Inbox Segment

Plane Truth

Guests: Michele Wilson,

6:19 – 

Is there a natural, non-terrifying way to talk about spiritual things with your neighbor on that long airplane ride? Should it even be a priority? Michele Wilson has a great story of how stepping out in faith changed an average conversation with a stranger into an appointment with Jesus.

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