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September 24, 2020

Here’s Something Encouraging: Episode 660

56:26 – 

Giving effective encouragement, plus managing your mental health in the election season, and dating when a successful business is in play. 

Featured resource: Lighthouse Network  

Featured musical artist: David Baloche

Roundtable: Be Encouraged!

What is encouragement? Is it being optimistic? Sharing a compliment? Biblical encouragement is much bigger, and there are great ways to both give and receive encouragement in all areas of life. We need true, soul-sustaining encouragement now more than ever. Our guests tell stories of how effective encouragement has made a big difference in their faith, their attitudes, and even in the small details of their days. 

Culture: Your Mental Health and the 2020 Election

Every day, a new headline threatens to derail us with anxiety, anger or depression. The polls change and our moods follow suit. Uncertainty about what life will look like in November has us on edge. How can we maintain any type of sanity? Psychiatrist Dr. Karl Benzio gives practical ideas for managing your mental health while still staying informed during this crazy election season.  

Inbox: Business, Money and Marriage

He’s the owner of a small but very profitable business. Now he’s ready to date again, but last time his relationship ran into problems because of his career. Can he find a balance between the demands of work and maintaining a healthy relationship? Counselor Geremy Keeton weighs in.

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