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October 1, 2020

Best Quarantine Reads: Episode 661

56:45 – 

Books to try in an era of social distancing, plus cohabitation and the single Christian, and is it OK to call out your Mom?

Featured musical artist: Covenant Worship

Roundtable: Quarantine Book Favorites

COVID-19 lockdowns have allowed (or forced, depending how you look at it) more time at home. What better opportunity to catch up on your reading list? With all the noise going on in the world, reading can be the perfect escape. It can also be informative, challenging and so much more. Our guests talk about their favorite books they’ve read over the past few months, and discuss some of their most influential authors. 

Culture: Are Christian Singles Living Together?

Many young couples, even Christians, are living together before tying the knot. What’s the real motivation for this, and what’s the outcome? Does it prepare you for marriage or derail you? Dr. David Gudgel counsels many engaged couples and addresses cohabitation through a biblical and practical lens. He gives us some good things to think about in this interview.

Featured Book: Before You Live Together: Will Living Together Bring You Closer or Drive You Apart?

Inbox: Should I Confront Mom?

She’s 26 and is living in her parents’ home. Her mom shows visible disrespect to her dad, but when our listener brought it up with Mom in the past, it didn’t go over well. Is it time for another confrontation? Counselor Elaine Humphries weighs in.

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