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October 8, 2020

Serve With Your Strengths: Episode 662


Helping others by doing what you’re good at, plus practical safety tips for a dangerous world, and feeling awkwardly judged at church.

Featured musical artist: Aaron Strumpel

Safety Tips Videos:

What to do if someone is breaking in…

Roundtable: Love the Way You Serve

You are good at something — probably several things. Even if you feel like nobody notices your efforts, especially when you’re helping others, God does. But how do you use what you’ve been given? Is your talent for a purpose greater than yourself? Our guests talk about how they’ve learned to serve others with their God-given abilities and passions, and remind us that in God’s hands, no talent is ever wasted. 

Culture: A Cop’s Best Tips for Staying Safe

Are you prepared for when something unexpected threatens your safety? Police officer Chris Ausec says most people are unaware of or overconfident about the potential dangers they may face. From public places to your home to navigating things like Craigslist and other online traps, he’ll give practical ideas for protecting yourself when danger comes knocking.

Inbox: Feeling Judged at Church

She and her roommate are best friends and attend church together. But as they awkwardly hang around the welcome counter in the narthex, it feels like people are judging them or making assumptions about them. Is it all in her head? What should she do? Lisa Anderson offers some helpful advice.

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