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April 13, 2023

Identity Check: Episode 793

50:18 – 

When your identity is in the wrong things, plus unique advice for Hispanic young adults, and concerns about Christians and romantic entertainment. 

Featured musical artist:   Covenant Worship  

Roundtable: The Identity Traps of Work, Relationships and Hobbies

We all struggle with giving something we value too much influence over us. Whether it’s our career, a relationship or a favorite hobby, anything we love can become a competitor with God for our time and affection. How can we find our identity in who God says we are instead of relying on people, experiences or acclaim to declare our worth? Our guests share their identity traps, how they put them in their proper place, and why they’re learning to find joy in Christ. 

Culture: Reaching the Hispanic Community for Christ

Esteban Porras grew up in church, watching his dad preach and seeing many in his community and beyond come to Christ. But as a young adult, he had to travel his own faith journey, and it was influenced by his cultural context growing up in Costa Rica. He recently got married, had a baby and moved to the United States to continue Christian ministry to the Hispanic community here. As an integral part of the Enfoque a la Familia team, Esteban has his finger on the pulse of faith and family among Hispanics worldwide. In this interview, he talks about what trends he’s seeing among Spanish-speaking young adults, dating advice for them as they navigate unique family contexts, and how God is uniquely growing the faith of those in the Hispanic community.    

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Inbox: Romantic Entertainment and the Christian

Who doesn’t love a good love story? In light of that, is it a wise or unwise thing for Christians to watch romantic movies and TV? Is enjoying them a sign that we’re not being careful to guard our hearts? Lisa Anderson weighs in.

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