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July 20, 2023

Is Marriage Worth Pursuing?: Episode 807

55:38 – 

Maintaining hope for your future marriage, plus ways to share the gospel online, and how do you break a cursing habit?

Featured musical artist: Nathan Tasker  

Roundtable: Why Marriage Is Worth It

With all the negative messages about marriage these days, it’s easy to wonder: Can marriage really work? Isn’t it easier to remain single? While singleness is itself a great calling, for those who are meant to marry some extra encouragement may be necessary. Our guests this week provide inspiration to stay the course and believe in marriage as a good thing. As Lisa says, “God’s still in the business of making great matches.” If marriage is in your future, there is hope.

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Culture: Sharing the Gospel Online

Australian evangelist Ryan Hemelaar is taking advantage of life in an increasingly digital age to share the gospel with people around the world — all from the comfort of his home. As the founder of, he shares exciting stories of what God is doing in online conversations, and why technology is an increasingly effective way to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.    

Honest Evangelism: How to talk about Jesus even when it’s tough


Inbox: How Can I Stop Cursing?

Using profanity is a persistent struggle for many. Our listener admittedly has a cursing problem and wants strategies for how to stop. Counselor Jerry Jones weighs in.  

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