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July 13, 2023

Is It God Speaking?: Episode 806

55:27 – 

Knowing God’s voice, plus part two of a conversation on self-control, and how to stop imagining worst-case scenarios. 

Featured musical artist: Stu Garrard

Roundtable: Distinguishing God’s Voice From Mine

As Christians, we want to hear God’s voice, but how do we know it’s actually Him speaking? We second-guess a decision or direction, or we put out another proverbial fleece, or we wait for a bright light or booming voice — that never comes. Our guests break down their own challenges in hearing from God, including overcoming the paralysis of not knowing who or what to believe.

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Culture: Learning Self-Control (Part 2)

You started the year with good intentions, but they were short-lived. Now more than halfway through 2023, all of your goals, resolutions, and “I’ll do betters” have fallen by the wayside. Fortunately, author Drew Dyck is here to help. He’s consulted both the Bible and brain science to find out why self-control is so hard, but also how we can strategically build the muscle to help us form good habits that will go the distance. In part two of our conversation, Drew talks about The Habit Loop, relying on God’s strength, and how to beat technology addiction.

Inbox: Help for Overthinkers

Our listener is struggling with overthinking things to the point where he imagines scenarios that don’t happen. Our producer, John Peardon, is no stranger to this — so he’ll encourage us with strategies that have helped him find peace of mind.

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