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July 6, 2023

Overcoming Summer FOMO: Episode 805

53:45 – 

Don’t feel left out this summer, plus a conversation on self-control, and breaking up with a friend who isn’t good for you.   

Featured musical artist: All Sons & Daughters

Roundtable: Left Out of Summer Fun?

You’re going about your summer and having a good time — until you discover some of your friends planned an event but didn’t invite you. Now that you think about it, a lot of things seem to be happening without you…at least if Instagram has anything to say about it. How do you respond? This week we talk about what makes us feel left out and how we can craft a contented summer regardless of who’s doing what.                     

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Culture: Learning Self-Control (Part 1)

You started the year with good intentions, but they were short-lived. Now more than halfway through 2023, all of your goals, resolutions, and “I’ll do betters” have fallen by the wayside. Fortunately, author Drew Dyck is here to help. He’s consulted both the Bible and brain science to find out why self-control is so hard, but also how we can strategically build the muscle to help us form good habits that will go the distance. In part one of our conversation, Drew extols the virtues of self-control, explains why willpower isn’t enough by itself, and how a conversation with his wife helped him take some personal inventory.         

Inbox: When a Friend Isn’t Good for You

You’re noticing that a friendship isn’t bringing out the best in you, and you’re wondering: Is it time to cut ties? Counselor Kari A weighs in.

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